Playing with persimmon


I’m coming out of the closet that I have two golf bags. One has metal woods, state of the art hybrid clubs a great putter and three wedges. But the other, my Mizuno golf bag (called Barry. So called because once playing amongst all male company a wag looked at it and announced that’s a right Barry Manilow golf bag, and he has been called Barry ever since e.g. I’m just putting Barry in the boot) is getting an outing more and more.I have to admit it, I still like persimmon. My trusty driver and three wood  and my old blade irons are fun to play with. It’s a different experience. I wouldn’t use them for competition because the distance isn’t there, but this equipment has different joys, They allow you to be more creative, shaping shots and getting different flights. The feel of the ball on the clubs is completely different. Technology has altered the game so that more golfers can hit better shots, but to me it’s taken the some of the challenge and the skill out of the game.

Gary Player feels the same way about the way technology has made golf balls travel so far. “one of my main concerns at the moment is how far the ball travels. With the advances in golf ball technology courses now have to be needlessly lengthened. The expense to scale back the ball would be minuscuke compared to the money being spent around the world modifying golf courses”.

Balata 1.62 anybody?

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