If I Were A Boy


If I were a boy, I wouldn’t be called Queenie.

Some of you have asked about the derivation of my twitter handle @QueenieQantas. It all began with the great man above.

My mum had wanted her unexpected fourth child – me – to be a boy. Instead she got me. But she kept my hair cut so short when I was a child that I was sometimes mistaken for the opposite gender.

When I was seven years old and attending one of my first golf tournaments I was lucky enough to have young Seve stop as he came off the 18th green, pat me on the head and give me his golf ball.

He said in his broken English “here you are – son”.

Son!!! I was incensed and told him. “I am not a boy, I am a princess!”. He heard this and came back. “You very brave to answer me back” he said  (indeed, any of his caddies who answered him back were usually sacked). “You not princess, you little Queen”.

And hence the Queenie name was adopted, in his honour.

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