New Rainsuit


It’s time for a new rain suit. Not that there’s anything wrong with the old one, just been tucking into too many puddings and need a bigger size. In fact, I think my current rainsuit is invincible. I paid quite a lot of money for it a long time ago because I was going to a Ryder Cup and I told myself it’s an investment. And so it has proved. Endless cleanings after being caught out in rain and mud and after many years it is still in great condition. I can’t think of any garment I’ve kept for so long. Take a bow Swedish brand Oscar Jacobson. The Goretex rainsuit I bought way back then is still being sold in its original design. I think I’ll buy another jacket until I slim back into the old one!

Way back then retail was a simpler business. You went to the pro shop or store, told them your preferred brand and they got it for you. I now see that Oscar Jacobson clothing is available from Golffitz, Golfgarb, Golfbase, function18, eurekagolf, zarlando, halfpennygolf and golfgeardirect not to mention Ebay. That’s a lot of competiton for your local pro shop.

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