Sunningdale Foursomes


Congratulations to top amateurs Marco Penge and Sophie Lamb who won the Sunningdale Foursomes this afternoon beating Lewis Atkinson and Scott Marshall 5&4.

The boyfriend/girlfriend team made quick work of the final, a victory all the more impressive because Marco co tracted food poisoning this morning. I spent a couple of days watching their progress off and on because I’d watched his results last season. He’s the real deal.

This year there was a change to this unique competition which men and women, professionals and amateurs all play together off the same tees. From the third round the more elevated New course was played because of the recent wet weather, the organisers felt the New would provide a fairer test.

European Tour professionals Tommy Fleetwood, James Morrison, Eddie Pepperell, Robert Rock, Nick Dougherty, Zane Scotland and Ricky Willison along with Dam Torrance and Paul Wessling from the Senior Tour. Top Surrey amateurs Inci Mehmet playing with Oscar Granstrom-Livesey and Max O’Hagan also competed.

In thos unique tournament male pros play off -1, Male amateurs off scratch, lady professionals off 2 and lady amateurs receive 4 shots.

I’ve watched the Sunningdale Foursomes every year since 1987, it’s a non negotiable for me! The tournament, which began in 1934 could not have been played in better weather than today, it was glorious.



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