Hello World – again

So this film is where we begin to learn about Robin Tiger Williams. This month in the Sky Sports Studio he was measured as hitting his irons these lengths

7 iron 220 yards, 6 iron 240, 5 iron 250, 4 iron 260, 3!iron 270. That’s ridiculous!

Now the top ranked junior in Europe his association with Sky Sports began after he became the youngest ever winner of a Future World Champions event at age 11. They made a promotional video called “I am Robin Tiger Williams” and from that he was offered a scholarship to the famous Bishops Gate Academy in Florida.

Robin went on to win many America Junior Golf Association titles and at that point England Golf encouraged the family to bring him home to Peterborough aged 15. now aged 16 and four months he is home schooled in the American curriculum. His family originate from South Africa where he is called “cape coloured”.

“I will make it as a professional” he insists having competed successfully in the British Masters Pro Am for three years. Bizarrely, at age 8, his father gave him a miniature claret jug made engraved with “Open Champion 2020” on it. Apparently, if you can dream it you can believe it. Already one bookmaker is laying odds of 1,000-1 to win it.

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