Golf in the Atlantic Ocean

Ive been quiet of late because I have been on board ocean liner Queen Mary 2 crossing the Atlantic. Didnt feel inclined to pay the Internet charges via satellite which are $30 an hour, so was gloriously cut off from the world during the voyage. But while on board golf did not stop. On deck 12 there is the simulator, and I was impressed that Cunard provided ladies clubs in both right and left handed versions. So I played Pebble Beach and Augusta National and used the practice net on Deck 13 and lobbed a few practice balls into the ocean. The Captain makes a daily broadcast at 12 noon when clocks go forward an hour every day and he often talks about the whales and dolphins swimming alongside. What he should do is warn the mammals that there are golfers practicing on board and tell them to swim away from stray balls. The sports director, who organises things never seen on dry land like competitive quoit throwing, also arranges daily roll ups on the simulator, chipping competitions and putting tournaments which were very well attended, Problem was, I was the token woman! Where were the women? In the Golden Lion pub playing bingo and not with the healthy golfers on deck in the open air

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