Kirsty Watch


She is one of our own. So Golf.We Love It will be watching golf presenter Kirsty Gallacher on Strictly. Her progress will no doubt be great partnered with the dazzling Brendan Cole.

Her tabloid hype began with a promise to “flash the flesh” though hopefully not as much as she did in “Women’s Health”. This has worked already as in an online newspaper poll she is second only to Peter Andre to win the glitter ball.

The 10 things you didn’t know about Kirsty video informed the public that she’s the daughter of Ryder Cup Captain Bernard, she grew up at Wentworth and she knows Bruce Forsyth. All good plugs for golf. She continued “It’s lovely being single because you don’t have to do all that Can I do Strictly please because I really want to do it” What, no Martin Kaymer?

On TV Kirsty looked genuinely happy and “promised to cringe”. She’s probably done that already at the Daily Star who made up some titivation saying she is terrified her boobs will fall out on live telly.

More Kirsty Watch on September 25th.

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