Great Britain and Ireland finally win PGA Cup


While the US women were claiming a remarkable comeback in the Solheim Cup in Germany, in California 12 club professionals aside from GB and I and the United States were competing for the PGA Cup. In 27 matches GB and I had never won on American soil. This year they claimed a 13.5 to 12.5 victory at CordeValle. The similarities with the Solheim Cup didn’t end there. Strangely, a similar incident to the one on the 17th green at St Leon Rot took place at the PGA Cup. David Dixon from England picked up his ball when it finished three inches from the cup but his opponent from United States Stuart Deane said he had not conceded the putt and claimed the hole. Allen Wronowski, the USA Captain and Honorary President of the PGA of America quickly intervened and told Deane to concede the next hole without playing it. David Dixon’s eventual 4 and 3 victory proved vital as Great Britain and Ireland won 13.5 to 12.5, their historic first victory on American soil. This was exactly the same score as the Solheim Cup, the gods of golfing fate were on duty that Sunday, Spooky!

The winning putt was holed by Niall Kearney. US Captain Allen Wronowski said “we didn’t lose, we got beaten by a really, really good team”.

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