Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet

I walked the practice ground of the Dunhill Links Championship at St Andrews this week and my eyes were drawn downwards. Perhaps in homage to the sponsor hundreds and hundreds of cigarette butts littered the ground. Mostly fagash from caddies, I presumed, probably correctly. But in this month of Stoptober and the anti-smoking lobby gathering ever stronger, I still enjoyed this old TV ad. Around the time it was made it was a common sight to see professionals smoking at tournaments. Ben Crenshaw, a chain smoker, Brian Barnes with his pipe, to name but two. Tournaments sponsored by Benson and Hedges and Dunhill.And this time of year we had the beloved World Matchplay at Wentworth Club. Autumns were colder then and the smell of cigars smoked from within the gallery created a lovely aroma wafted into the crisp, cold air. A nostalgic smell rarely experienced at golf these days, unless you’re downwind of Darren Clarke’s and Miguel Angel Jiminez’s Cuban Havanas.

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