What, no golf?


I know, it’s the week of the British Masters, a stone’s throw from home and I am not there. Neither can I see it nor the President’s Cup from Korea. For I am in Finland where the state broadcaster YLE’s idea of entertainment is a documentary about reindeer mating.

And so I am left to ponder what Mr Poulter and co are getting up to on the Marquess course. There will be next year and it is very pleasing that there is such a commitment from Sky Sports and four leading British professionals to rejuvenate the event and re-establish it permanently on the tour schedule. I have visited Woburn many times and it is such a welcoming club. Hopefully there will be highlights on Sunday night and the constant chatter of IJP’s twitter feed to bring me up to date.

Also pondering if there could possibly be that rarest thing, a non-American win in the President’s Cup. The Korean golf fraternity are taking on the event with huge pride. It’s just a shame there are few ways their supporters can express their joy. The best some Australians could come up with last time was a derivation of the song Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep ‘In-ter-nation-als, Internationals’. It’s not easy against the relentless You-s-a!!

A bewildered non- golfer once said he couldn’t undersand why I wrote about golf. What exactly do you write about, you’re female. Do you write about the clothes?” Well, not if I can help it. However I am wondering, in my shalow female mind, how the WAGs of the Presidents Cup turned out. Only out of concern. The photograph above was taken at last year’s Ryder Cup Gala Dinner. And I noted that five of the women accompanying the players were wearing exactly the same black lace dress. This had obviously been provided if the woman had turned up with a dress which was deemed unsuitable, or worse, no dress at all. Interesting that five of them, from both sides, didn’t pass muster. Wondering what the Presidents Cup women will do to top that.

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