Always about the cheesecake


This week Golf Punk, “the magazine for the rest of us” as they call it, hired new golfer Denise Van Outen to be a video blog reporter. The first one saw her whizzing around Kingswood in a buggy driven by boyfriend Eddie not saying anything profound, hitting an odd shot, observing the customised bling on her golf shoes and making a saucy comment to the boyfriend at the end. Golf Punk have put DVO in their Swinging Sirens section alongside decorative golfing females not wearing all that much. My only reaction to this was to wonder how they can physically hit a golf ball in skyscraper heels. It’s physically impossible. I tried it once and it didn’t happen. Then my bunions began to bark and I longed to put my feet in the sand as she has done here.

I’ve come to accept that it is all about the cheesecake picture sometimes and really, so what? If it cheers some poor male golfers up, makes them less hostile to women on the course, makes her money and keeps her name in the media then go ahead. Because actually DVO is a breath of fresh air and may well be exactly what we need to make golf more appealing and shed its unsexy image. She talks about golf in a relatable way.

“If someone had said to me 10 years ago I’d take up golf I would have laughed” she said “but now I just love everything about the game. I’ve found when I’m on the course I dont think of anything else, I just concentrate on the game. We have a lot of laughs and golf is quite rock and roll. It’s sexy and full of innuendo, so that’s right up my street. You’ll find old clubbers aren’t in the night clubs, we’re all out here on the golf course. Golf brings out the devil in me, it’s really good fun”.

This is all priceless. Good work Golf Punk in bringing DVO to the fore.

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