Happy 80th Birthday Gary Player


How can Gary Player be 80 years old? Two years ago he posed naked for Sports Illustrated’s The Body issue and he said “whatever you think my sex life is, double it”! He does have six children and 23 grandchildren. He says he doesn’t accept being old. He’s the on a mission to help older people, such as his friend Jack Nicklaus who is complaining of aches and pains, become healthy. Every day he stretches everything from head to toes and does 1,200 sit ups. He says he has the energy of a 45 year old.

He was travelling to China on his birthday, November 1, to oversee the building of one of the 400 environmentally friendly golf courses his company have designed on 5 continents.So there will be a big celebration with friends coming from all over the world at Sun City, South Africa on 11 November.

His life has been full of special achievements. The only man to win the career grand slam on both the regular and senior tours, he has won 165 tournaments around the world. In 2016 Gary will captain the South African mens Olympic golf team in Rio de Janiero. In his 62 years as a pro he has won in seven consecutive decades, his last win being in 2010. Early in his career he had to endure protestors against apartheid storming greens as he played and people throwing things at him. However his black golf clothes come from a protest against that regime. It started at the 1960 Open Championship when he wore an outfit of black and white, now it is all black.

At his ranch in South Africa he has helped breed racehorses that have won more than 2,000 races. His Gary Player Foundation for charity has raised more than $60 million for underprivileged children. In the UK he has raised funds for the De Paul UK Hostel for the homeless in Willesden, London as seen here.

He strongly believes that it’s important to keep working. So he helps out on his ranch, helps save the white rhinocerous and travels seven months a year. And he exercises every day. The core muscles are the most important to golf. If you are fit, he says, your brain will make the right decisions and help you combat nerves. He puts all those dadbods to shame.

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