Tiger Woods becomes US Ryder Cup Vice Captain

They sure have a lot of them. Jim Furyk, Steve Stricker, Tom Lehman and now Tiger Woods are vice captains to Davis Love for the 2016 Ryder Cup. And there’s still room for one more. All those thoughts about what to do, following all that discussion about what not to do on the US Ryder Cup Task Force. It’s all like watching Mickelson discect a shot woth Bones, his faithful caddie. Too much talk, and not enough action. Davis Love needs to take charge and be in charge. But he’s already said something that makes me wonder he’s not a very good judge of character. On announcing Tiger’s appointment he said:

“Woods is a team guy”.

No he isn’t!

Year after year when team competitons come around Woods has demonstrated that he isn’t a team player. His record in  team competitions is only average and he is the definitive play for himself athlete. Unless, that is that Tiger had had some kind of epiphany since the Task Force. Love said you could see how excited he was at the President’s Cup (which was slightly exciting for the first time ever) and he wants to be Ryder Cup Captain.

Well that would be a good one. Almost as good as when Phil and Amy become Captain in a few years time. There are players who can play but not manage a team and Mickelson and Woods are going to both find it difficult to manage the teams. Entertaining  to watch from our side of the Atlantic though.

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