Pro Celebrity Golf

IMG_3977I was in a TV studio this week and the warm up man wanted to rehearse us in different types of applause. “Imagine you’re at a golf match and “Jack Nicholson” has hit a nice putt but left it short” there was a smattering of polite clapping. Someone had obviously told him in his earpiece to continue with this golfing analogy but he continued to struggle to remember the name of any pro golfer. Eventually he remembered Lee Trevino and he said “applaud Supermex like he’s holed out of a bunker” the audience clapped harder. Then after some thought he said “Now Terry Wogan has holed the biggest putt you’ve ever seen” and the audience clapped and cheered hard. Interesting that his frame of golfing reference wasnt Rory or Tiger or Seve or Faldo but memories from his teenage years of watching Pro-Celebrity golf on BBC2. Peter Alliss apparently made 140 of these programmes which had viewers of about 8 million people on a Sunday night, and it seeped into the consciousness of the general public. It was the best reach out to golf this country ever made. To match the sport with top level entertainment. And yet these programmes cant be found on DVD, there are no you tubes, just our memories of a hugely entertaining programme.

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