Nice little earner?

Found on a financial website this week, wonder how many will just go into clubs and start swimming without permission?

“It is estimated that there are around 50 million lost golf balls in lakes around the UK, largely because of bad shots.

Most golfers don’t fancy going in and recovering these balls and so they’re lost forever unless a golf ball diver recovers them.

A lot of golf balls are valuable, so a golf ball diver recovers these balls and often restores them, and then sells them on.

The amount you’ll earn is dependent upon how many balls you can recover, plus you’ll need to be a strong diver to earn a living doing it.

It’s a business that you would set up on the side something to do at the weekends if you’re a keen diver and live near a golf course.

Recovering golf balls might sound easy, but don’t forget you’ll be swimming among weeds, fish, shopping trollies and who knows what else so it can be quite a struggle. People have died trying to recover golf balls.

Also, if you do end up golf ball-diving make sure you’re not breaking any laws, particularly trespassing laws. An accomplice of a golf ball diver was jailed back in 2002 for just this crime, not the greatest way to reward the entrepreneurial spirit.

Still, If you think British golf ball divers have it hard, spare a thought for some American divers. To recover golf balls some have to fight venomous snakes and alligators!”

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