For the Togs and Tygs

The announcement on BBC radio at 9am this morning was conveyed in such a respectful way that it was almost as though a member of the royal family had died. Only for such a special person as Sir Terry Wogan would the preference “we begin with some very sad news” preparing us before it was announced. Later in the day Peter Alliss spoke to say that he had been in tears all morning at the loss of such a dear friend. Let’s remember the two friends together during BBC2’s Pro Celebrity Golf in the 1980s. And here is Sir Terry’s longest ever televised putt filmed during the series.

Although I never met Sir Terry I did meet his wife Lady Helen. It was at a tournament called the Avia Womens Foursomes at The Berkshire with about half a dozen people watching. Suddenly I slipped in some mud, typical klutz, and I heard “oh is she allright? and Lady Helen, who I recognised in embarassment, had been walking behind with a friend came over and helped me up, a nice thing to do. Sincere condolences to her and her family on their loss, which today has been felt by so many of us.

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