Billy on Seve

IMG_3904.JPGHe always referred to me as “that woman” so I wasnt all that inclined to watch the Billy Foster profile on Golfing World this week.

But he was, for five years, Seve Ballesteros’ caddie and for surviving that long he deserved some sort of medal.

In the film he read out the letter which he received when he was first employed by Seve. He read this out in something like Seve’s voice, and said

“You have to be aware that on the course the player is always right and there should be no arguments”

Now that was telling it like it was. The caddie was always wrong, and Seve was always right.

But Billy’s eyes filled with tears when he read this, and he talked about his five years of working with a genius, which he was. It was probably the worst gig ever in golf, to be Seve’s caddie, but all of them seem to love and miss him regardless.

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