Olympic golf test event to be played next week

On March 8 nine top Brazillian golfers will test the new Olympic golf course in Bara da Tijuana. The test event will be closed to the public as only a delegation from the International Golf Federation and a team from Rio 2016 will act as observers. The 18 hole stroke play exhibition will be used to test both the course and the results system and the deployment of 104 volunteers.

The players, Alexandre Rocha, Rafael Becker, Daniel Stampf, Rafael Barcellos, Rodrigo Lee, Miriam Nagl, Victoria Lovelacy, Candy Hennemann and Lucian Lee will go iut in 3 groups of 3, and will give their feedback after the round.

The Olympic golf event will take olace between 11-20 August in front of  a potential 15,000 fans. It will be the forst Olympic golf event since the St Louis Olympics of 1904.

The Rio Olympic golf course has been built woth private funding but after the event it will become a public facility to promote golf  in Brazil and host top level competition.

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