English golf clubs trend

Accountants Hiller Hopkins polled 100 clubs and found the following.

5% of the clubs were operating at a loss. 56% said they were growing. 84% of clubs said they were renovating their clubhouses.There has been a big decline in membership numbers, particularly the younger age group, with 61% are over the age of 50.

Many clubs are abolishing joining fees and looking to credit based flexible memberships. There is more availability for non members.

97% of clubs still retain a dress code. This is claimed to be a disincentive for women to join the sport.70% of playing members are adult males. Less than 50% said that female membership was rising. 6% have no women members.

Less than 38% bring in revenues of more than £150,000 in hospitality, showing a big decline in bar and restaurant spend.

The younger generation are turning to Top Golf and avoiding golf clubs as a social destination, indicating that the growth of the game is in serious decline.



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