Four major champions pull out of the Olympics


Adam Scott drew controversy last week when he announced that he was skipping the Rio Olympics.

“My decision has been take. as a result of an extremely busy playing schedule and other commitments, both personal and professional”.

This brought a scathing response from Australian swimmer Dawn Fraser, winner of four gold medals.

“Very sorry to hear thst Adam Scott cannot fit it into his schedule to play for Australia in the Olympics. Well done Adam, great to put your own country on hold so that you can fulfil your own schedule how much money do you want in life not showing much for your country. I guess working three jobs a wedk to secure my place as an Olympic swimmer gave me perspective”.

Follwing on, furthet major champions withdrew. First Vijay Singh from Fiji, then South Africans Louis Oosthuizen and Charl Schwartzel pulled out of the competition.

Gary Player professed himself “sad and disappointed by this”. He said that when he was younger he would have given anything to play in the Olympics and players withdrawing would hurt the game of golf.

“The Olympics will undoubtedly grow the game worldwide no matter who plays and who doesn’t. All the top players should think carefully about this. It is a spectacular celebration of sport and very exciting that golf is back again. It will be a time that no living golfer has ever experienced and I will be walking with the South African team at the Opening Ceremony I cannot wait to represent my country with pride”.

On the women’s side many players are concerned about the threat of the zika virus, and there remains the possibility of further withdrawals.

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