Tiger dumps three in the water

On Monday Tiger Woods teed up at a press day at Congressional Country Club and probably wishes he hadn’t.

The 14 time major champion turned up to the event prior to the Quicken Loans tournament without practicing or warming up and on the 102 yard par three hole he hit three successive wedge shots into the surrounding water.

He couldn’t have done this in a worse situation. It not only got him a crush of negative social media comments he also got on the front page of national newspaper USA Today.

Tiger said his back was stiff. “It just goes to prove that you can’t just go out there and “just do it”, a nod to Nike.

It’s a long long way from his old media campaign “I am Tiger Woods”. The rehabillitation from his third back surgery is taking  so long people are now deducing that he may never return to competitive play.

Tiger says that one of the toughest parts of being away so long is that he feels alienated from the rest of the tour. “When I look at our fields there’s maybe a third of them I don’t know”.

It’s time for a return, the offer has been put onto the table. He’s helping Rickie Fowler really progress, but Butch Harmon is the one to take over Tiger. Let’s hope they just do it.

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