Sport England’s new strategy

It’s been called a “watershed moment in sport”. A long awaited directional change in strategy.

Sport England’s new strategy for sport, announced this week can be read here:

Click to access sport-england-towards-an-active-nation.pdf

Importantly, it ties investment of £250 million over 4 years into grassroots sport.

Jennie Price, Chief Executive of Sport England says:

“In the next four years we’re going to dedicate more time, expertise and funding to tackle inactivity.

“We will be the largest national investor in projects for people to whom sport and physical activity is a distant thought or not even on their radar. 28%, over 1 in 4 people do less than 30 minutes physical activity in a week. We will put customers at he heart of everything and nvesting in ways to make booking easy”.

New Sports Minister David Evenett MP says “we want to use the unique power of sport to benefit more people and bring communities together and improve physical and mental wellbeing, making more contribution to the economy and society. Sport plays a crucial role in a healthier, happier nation and children should get experience of sport at an earlier age from 5 onwards”.

Dare we hope that more funding might now be available to boost golf’s participation which is now stabilising aftet decline?


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