Mickelson comments on his latest saga

Phil Mckelson commented on the Dean Foods Insider trading case, of which he was named as a relief defendent, last week at the Memorial.

He said “I’m disappointed to have been part of that whole thing but after a thorough investigation I’m glad it’s behind me. I have to be responsible for the people I associate with. I’ll make sure that I represent myself ad well ad my family and my companies in the way that I want to and they deserve”.

We’ve heard this all before.

Apparenly Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem and Phil Mickelson have not spoken about the situation, even though he clearly broke the players code of conduct.Looks as though Mickelson will not be sanctioned with a suspension so he can have yet another attempt at winning the last elusive major the US Open at Oakmont next week.

What a dramatic story it would make if he won, against this background. He would probably make a movie about himself.



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