Justin Rose – Olympic champion


It’s a proud moment to watch a British golfer wearing an Olympic gold medal on the top of the rostrum singing the national anthem, out of tune.

The male golfers who participated in the Rio Games have silenced all the doubters with he quality of play and a thrilling final round fought out between Henrik Stenson and Justin Rose. Matt Kuchar’s superlative 63 in the final round retrieved his reputation which was a bit dented during the Travellers Championship won by Scotsman Russell Knox. Kuchar didnt exactly inspire confidence when the media had to tell him, a week before the Games, that the golf event wasn’t a team competition…

Well done Brasil for hosting the mens golf competition so ably. Only big criticism was the feeble marshalling. On every tee there were many people with mobile phones taking pictures and the caddies were bellowing at them not to do it, in English. Where was the instruction in Portugese? And what of the bizarre incident on the 16th hole of the final round when a man draped in a Mexican flag picked up one of the competitors balls to take as a souvenir, Ye Gods. Why was there no ruling about this, where was dear John Paramor on his buggy coming to the rescue? The USGA were borderline incompetent with their decision making in this year’s US Open, but this was something else. Wither were you International Golf Federation officials?

As for the BBC coverage of the golf event, feeble. Twenty minutes coverage of the final two holes on BBC1 , because of the British interest, otherwise final round relegated to BBC4, not in entirety and before that on the red button, if you could find it, and the i player. And they said this would drive participation? How can it when it was so invisible?

So now, bring on the girls. They are in Rio in force, all the best female golfers on the planet, who defied the fears about Zika virus, they who could be most affected. Bet Rory and the others will now be having second thoughts.


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