What’s so special about…Dustin Johnson

Amongst all the PGA Tour professionals Dustin Johnson looks the best athlete. at 6 feet 4 inches he has a huge high arc to his swing, and with his flexibility and strength he hits the ball huge distances and is straight with it.

He has a huge turn on the backswing and gets into a consistent position at the top. His left wrist is bowed and it seems only when he over rotates the wrist does he hit a bad shot. HIs flexibility gets him into a strong position on the backswing, storing up energy for great speed and power on the downswing.

The height he gets on the backswing allows him to accelerate through the ball with minimum rotation through impact. It’s keeping a stable and square position through impact that gets him to hit the ball as straight as he does. it’s a swing of amazing control and power, he consistently hits his driver 320 yards.

What I like about his swing is it is not overly techical. It’s the natural swing of a gifted athlete, he doesn’t have to have too many swing thoughts.

His natural shot is a power fade, something he achieves by keeping his hips stable and not rotating through impact.

His short game 150 yards in with his wedges is superb. He’s also a great putter with a natural feel for pace.

His weakness is that he can sometimes lose concentration and make poor decisions, particularly under the pressure of major championship. If he had Jordan Spieth’s mind he would reign supreme.

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