What’s so special about…Jason Day

He’s a fighter of a competitor, gritty and determined. Overcoming a lot of barriers to get to the top.

His athletic swing is compact and strong, he doesn’t over swing but generates huge clubhead speed. he can move the ball in both directions and has great turn in his upper and lower body. The  coil of the backswing builds up speed loading the power to swing at the ball. He has power and accuracy with control and great distance.

His acceleration towards the ball is consistent and well timed. His body delivers on the downswing lower body, chest and arms. He goes at it very hard and gets a long distance. However, such an athletic movement inclines him to injury and combined with various health issues he mY not have the longevity of career as others.

His technique in his short game is simple. stable hand and arm movement controlling the spin on the ball he is very good at pitching and chipping but outstanding with his putter. He putts well under pressure and his technique is perfect.

What makes Jason Day special is he is passionate and works very hard, a steely competitor to be feared.

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