Justin Thomas says crowd’s behaviour ‘unacceptable’


After playing two rounds with Tiger Woods at Riviera Justin Thomas had had enough. He said “it was pretty wild out there and at the end it got a little out of hand. I guess it’s part of it now. I wish it wasn’t. I wish people didnt think it was so amusing to yell and all that stuff while we’re trying to play. I guss they think it’s funny but players are starting to time it wrong and they’re getting in peoples swings . It is completely unacceptable. We’re out here playing for a lot of money and a lot of points. You would hate to see something happen in the future…

Last year’s Player of the Year didn’t expand on this but those of us with long memories do remember Ryder Cups in America where the European players, their families and supporters were spat at and abused with the puropose of helping the other side win. Winning at any cost?

It’s unfortunate that the field of play is so close to the spectators because the players can hear what is said, from the inane you’re the man on the downswing to more specific sabotage. While the powers that be of the tours want more player fan engagement, such as in play interviews and wearing microphones, this is all a huge distraction and may be a cost too high.

Justin Thomas, from nearby Jupiter Florida has had a 67 in the first round of the Honda Classic and says he loves where his game is trending with six weeks to The Masters.

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