Where to see Ed Sheeran and friends


Today singer Ed Sheeran announced two UK venues for 2019 – Leeds Roundhay Park and Chantry Park in Ipswich. Tickets for the four dates are likely to sell out within minutes when they go on sale on AXS.com on September 27 at 10am.

So where else might you catch him? Before performing in Belfast in May he made a planned visit to Ardglass Golf Club. It had been booked months in advance and the club secretary had been sworn to secrecy. But when Ed arrived he was friendly to everyone in the pro shop, selfies were taken and soon word got out on social media and he managed just four holes. So as he has been spotted on golf courses in Brazil and Japan before concerts – notably when he hit Justin Bieber in the face when he tried to hit a shot out of Bieber’s mouth when he was lying down on the turf, really…- it may be worth hanging round the likes of Moortown, Allwoodley or Stoke By Nyland just before. (If the club secretary doesnt warn you off, that is).

Justin Bieber, who this week was spotted singing outside Buckingham Palace, has taken girlfriend Hailey Baldwin to TopGolf here recently while teaching her how to play. And who did I find in the corner of the halfway hut at Sunningdale once? Someone currently on the X Factor who stopped eating the sausage on brown to say  “don’t take me photo, it’s me day off…” I know we’re part of the “pictures or it didn’t happen” age, but what a presumption. Did I have a camera with me and did I want a picture of him anyway?


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