Rory is now American? – discuss

Rory McIlroy’s interviews at this week’s Tournament of Champions show his Graeme McDowell-esque accent has become even more American. It became noticeable about three years ago when he made some Nike commercials which garnered this response on social media.

Once again he’s been defending his change of schedule. Playing for the first time in 11 years at Kapalua he thinks that starting in America rather than playing the European Tour Desert Swing in Abu Dhabi and Dubai will give him an early start in his preparations for the Masters. It’s about travelling less. He said he’s been doing a lot of thinking about the next 10 years and basing himself in the United States will give him the best life.

It’s not what you say though, it’s the way you say it, Saying “he had done his time in Europe and that the European Tour was just a stepping stone” wasn’t received well here, even though his reasons are well thought out and sensible.

As he says “My life’s here, I have an American wife, honestly I enjoy it here more the way of life is easier. I want to play against the best players in the world, I make my own decisions and do what I want”.

Understood. But the transatlantic accent is still cringey, it’s sitting on the fence, Either all or nothing at all. Talk proper American Rory.



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