How Bobby Jones put things right after the 1967 Masters

At the 1967 Masters leader Roberto De Vicenzo was disqualified for signing an incorrect scorecard. This newspaper cutting from the time explains the story.



Following the tournament Masters Chairman Bobby Jones wrote to the winner Bob Goalby, and in this short letter put everything right for him.


To Bob Goalby

The privilege of welcoming a new Masters champion to a green coat is something that I have always reserved to myself. I was especially disappointed this year that a virus attack caused it to be impossible for me to make the presentation to you. I am sending you my warm congratulations on my first day back in circulation. Your golf at Augusta was superb in every way. I saw a good bit of it on the television monitor in my bedroom. I was particularly thrilled by those three great putts you holed at thirteen, fourteen and fifteen in the last round and by your exquisite second shot to the fifteenth which was the finest shot I have ever seen played on that hole.

The scorecard mix-up was a tragedy for Roberto,  but it was also one of equal proportions for you. I thought you both handled the situation in the most sportsmanlike and exemplary manner. I know you would have much preferred to go to a playoff, but I ask you always to remember that you won the tournament under the Rules of Golf and by your superlative play. Indeed, I think overall, it was the most beautifully contested tournament I have ever seen. We, at Augusta, will always be proud of you as a Masters champion. I hope that this will prove to be only the beginning of a wonderful year for you. I shall look forward to seeing you next Spring.

With warmest regards

Most sincerely


Bob Jones


Now that is how one golfer should speak to another!

Roberto De Vicenzo recovered to win the 1967 Open Championship a few months later.



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