Michelle Wie takes Phil away


Photo of the week from top LPGA pro Michelle Wie who is taking away a Callaway promotional cardboard cut out of Phil Mickelson, who looks frankly petrified. Michelle is a woman after my own heart. Years ago there used to be a fantastic shop called Bob “Mr Golf” Daw’s Aladdin’s Cave Of Golf and I used to be back and forward to Uxbridge just to go there because they had everything. One thing really caught my eye. It was a Munsingwear cardboard cut out of my favourite American golfer. I begged Mr Bob for it and eventually, being a good businessman, he sold it to me for a couple of pounds, saying he’d get a new one from the manufacturers. I was in heaven but it must have looked an odd sight me having a 6 foot grinning man tucked underneath my arm while waiting for the Green Line coach home. This post brought back that happy memory.

Anyone like a cut out Rickie Fowler to take away? Thought not.


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