From Monty’s Pythons to Lawrie’s Lorries

The European Tour’s Monty’s Pythons

I must admit I’m not keen on the Monty’s Pythons Show any more than Colin Montgomerie is, he describes it as “bloody ridiculous” at the end of the film, because he is actually frightened of snakes even if they are just golf towels.

The reason for me is not long ago there was a youth standing outside my neighbour’s house, just standing smoking. Then I noticed he had a plastic box at his feet and something yellow and white was writhing inside it.

“Is that a snake?” I asked him.

”Nah” came the reply. “It’s two snakes”

and so it was. Two albino pythons crammed in a plastic box trying to push the lid off. Not the type of snakes that are poisonous, just the ones that crush anyone in their path. Yew. It’s the kind of thing you wouldn’t want to encounter on the golf course, let alone near your home.

I never did find out why he had them there because I ran away!

So, let’s pass over Monty’s Pythons quickly. And until Keeping Up With The Aphibarnrats is ready for production, let’s put Lawries Lorries out there.

Lawrie’s Lorries


Cleveland are the only manufacturers truck on tour which have a truck which isn’t Mercedes. The club fitters drive a Volvo FH12 460. Taylor Made, Ping and Nike have a Mercedez Benz 1851, Titelist an 1846, Callaway a V8 and Mizuno 1840. European Tour Productions and the Physio Truck are Volvo 13 litre 550 break horesepower engines.

Here’s what’s inside the Physio Truck

The various leading golf equipment brands travel thousands of miles throughout the year covering the majority of the golf courses of the Tour. The drivers are usually also the fitters, adjusting the golf clubs to the professionals of their brand’s staff, and to others without contracts.

They also provide new golf balls, bags, gloves, shoes and caps during the training days, prior to the championship. And oddly enough, despite the extreme rivalry of their brands in the market, they are like a big travelling family. They often travel in convoy and, when necessary, they help each other.


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