The most beautiful swing in golf

Sam Snead’s swing is still the gold standard – technically as near perfect as you can get, and yet it is the beauty of his swing that makes it so outstanding. The fluid rhythm and tempo combined with the huge power that it generated.

He still holds the record for most wins on the PGA Tour – 82, two more than Tiger -which included seven majors. Here’s a picture of them together, Sam signing an autograph for young Tiger. 162 PGA Tour titles between them


Sam Snead  had great longevity winning tournaments in six different decades including a 3rd place in the 1974 PGA Championship when he was 62 years old. That is some champion.

But looking at his swing, just for pleasure, I noticed something interesting. Sam Snead’s key move during the downswing is the transfer of power through his feet.

Now I’m not just a golfer, I learned to figure skate at the same young age that I began to play golf and learning the two sports side by side helped with balance and learning how the feet generate power.

So freeze framing Sam Snead’s swing as the club approaches the ball I saw how his knees were widely spread apart with the weight completely equal between the feet as he hits the ball before the knees come more together in the follow through. It’s a position you will see again and again with skaters. So next time you see Torvill and Dean on television, take a look at Jayne Torvill’s deep knee bend which enables her to move her feet so effectively. That’s the same position that Sam Snead got in his golf swing at impact.




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