Cameron Champ’s shoes?


I got up in a hurry this morning and in the dark I picked out two socks to wear. I’ve just looked down at them. One is purple, the other is pink. Who was I to know that out in Scottsdale Cameron Champ had done a similar thing with his golf shoes?  He’s contracted to wear Nike apparel and looks like he had been given the new React Vapor 2 shoes in several colours and he picked out one of each to wear for Round 2.

There were a set of photographs I saw once, taken in the 1970s, of Gary Player’s swing sequence. In order to demonstrate how each side of the body works separately and together he wore a suit, half of which was black and half white, it was very effective. Perhaps Cameron’s coach is working on his footwork and it’s something he was using as a practice drill on the range and he forgot to change. Either that or he doesnt know left or right.

Or possibly it’s a way to get people to talk about him again, because he’s no longer the man of the moment. He was rather overshadowed by Matthew Wolff yesterday and it looks that way again today. Wolff is currently three under par for the first three holes.

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