James Bond and golf

Most James Bond afficionardos will mention Goldfinger and the scenes shot at Stoke Park, but I prefer this scene from Dr No as it is a female playing, even if she is daftly wearing gold high heels.

I met Sean Connery once, not on a golf course. He came into my work to talk to the Minister I was working for at the time. The messengers were too overawed to ask him if he would like refreshment, but young Ned, who never made anyone a cup of tea in his life before, asked him if he would like one. And to make sure that Ned did that nicely I followed behind him and asked Mr Connery how his golf was. He said he had been too busy to play. But we did start up a lovely conversation about the tournament at Sun City and he agreed that Mickelson had played awful. But we both oohed over the swing of Ernie Els. I enjoyed that a lot. He was quite a bit older then than he was in this film but still devastatingly handsome.

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