“There’s a stigma about playing golf with a woman”



Last night I wanted to get home quickly to see the first round of The Masters so I hailed a black cab down. London cabbies are renowned for having opinions about a lot of things and also for their straight talking.

So I got to know from the horse’s mouth, how an avid male golfer felt about women playing golf. He obviously loved playing every weekend and what he and his friends  had organised amongst themselves sounded fantastic, social, competitions, travelling abroad to play. But it was clearly boys only.

He mentioned that the other week he had actually played in a mixed fourssome and didnt mind it, it had been something different. However, and there came the truth, he said he wouldnt do it regularly as “there was a stigma about playing with women” amongst his all male group.

This is 2019. But it sounded like 1000 years BC. Women stay in the cave, the men are going out to play. You stay home and cook the terradactyl.

Women are your wives, girlfriends, mothers, grandmothers, sisters and lovers. we represent half of the human race. Perhaps we should stigmatise any woman who plays golf with eew, a man…

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