Earth Day and golf courses




Today, 22 April, is Earth Day and let us remember that golf courses are part of nature and should not be a threat to it. They provide a natural, protected habitat for birds and mammals. An average golf course will convert Co2 into oxygen to support 7,000 people.

However there are challenges that need to be addressed. Over the last few years the use of chemical agents in maintaining courses has dropped considerably. The widespread use from the 1950s onwards of dangerous lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury to fight insects, fungus and the weed grass poa annua has been rejected. Herbicides and nitrogen phosphates are in decline too.

More research has been done into growing new strains of drought tolerant grasses. They in turn will help water conservation as will allowing non irrigated parts of the course to grow.

Another challenge is that of coastal erosion in low lying courses, particularly here in the East of England. The courses around the Brancaster area of Norfolk are in threat of literally falling into the sea.



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