Pay it forward for golf – donate your old clubs to someone who might want to play even more than you



I posted this to the golfweloveit Instagram account just now. Please read my plea about donating, not throwing away, taking to the tip, keeping in the garage or loft your old clubs when you upgrade or give up playing. I wish that club professionals would take up this within golf clubs and proactively encourage members to pay it forward to new golfers to give them the chance to play.

People often say “its too expensive” to play golf. We need to be putting our heads together to find solutions to this. The cost of equipment may put many people off from starting, but this is something that committed golfers could do – and do some good in the world. We need to save our sport by regenerating it and bringing many more new people in.

If you are a golfer someone at sometime helped you be the beneficiary of playing this wonderful game. Perhaps its time to repay that good firtune – even if you no longer love golf – and pay it forward to someone else.

Lets Pay it Forward for golf.


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