Melanoma Fund golf campaign


Please read the poster and the following information carefully. It could save your life. Skin cancer is the cancer with the fastest incidence in the UK. Melanoma Fund UK have provided this advice and are supported by England and Scottish Golf, the Golf Course Managers Association, the UK Golf Federation and  British Greenkeepers Association.

Slip! Slap! Swing! Sun Protection Campaign for Golf

Skin cancer has reached epidemic levels, with incidence trebling in the last thirty years. Those who play or work in golf are recognised to be at high risk due to three main factors:

When: A round can lead to prolonged sun exposure during the hottest time of the day

Where: Courses provide little shade, and highly UV reflective surfaces such as grass, water and sand

How: Players tend to avoid reapplying sunscreen to avoid a ‘greasy grip’

The good news is that skin cancer; including melanoma, the most dangerous form of the disease is mostly preventable by properly protecting your skin from the sun.Our aim is to make you aware of the facts, helping you create new healthy habits that will keep you playing this great sport for longer.

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