Tiger and Phil: The Match rematch


The fancy golf carts that (from left) Tiger, Peyton Manning, Phil and Tom Brady will be driving themselves without caddies. These will be auctioned for funds for the four charities being played for today after the event.

In torrential rain at The Medallist GC in Jupiter Florida the second showing of the Tiger vs Phil match is now underway. It’s a different beast from the dull Thanksgiving Day event that Phil and Tiger played in 2018 when Phil walked away with $9 million all for himself.

This time Phil will be joined by NFL Quarterback Tom Brady and Sir Tiger of Isleworth  will have NFL Quarterback Peyton Manning as his playing partner. The latter two know each other well and play at The Medallist often, so hopefully Tiger can understand Peyton Manning’s drawl which is more than I can so far. The players are all miked up and I have understood him trash talking Charles Barkley who is commentating, After an extraordinary approach to the second green he is coping with the conditions wearing two gloves. The first two holes were halved.

The event starts with a $10 million fund supplied by sponsor Capital One which has so far gone up to $15 million due to in broadcast donations to the Covid relief fund have already been pledged. Four charities – the food charity All in challenge, Direct Relief to provide Personal Protective Equipment, the American Red Cross and the US Chambers of Commerce who are supporting small businesses affected by the pandemic, will receive the benefits. But make no mistake, the economy will further be stimulated by the amount of betting being laid on this event.

The two teams will play best ball on the front line with the amateurs receiving a stroke on holes 3,6 and 8 and the back nine will be played alternate shot. Each player hits a tee shot and the best from each team is chosen with alternate shots following.

There are extra challenges. On the third hole the two pros had a long driving competition. In real time Mickelson announced that the company Workday had texted him to add  $1.5 million to the fund. Despite Phil announcing “this is for you Workday” (he was wearing their logo on his shirt, kerching)  he fluffed the drive and Tiger easily outdrove him, winning the challenge.

On the 4th hole all players had a closest the hole competition, on the fifth the hole was a challenge to be played with one club. On the 8th a $25 million prize for a hole in one. On the 12th another closest the hole challenge, 15 saw the amateurs long drive and 18

Mickelson promised more trash talk than last time and to also demonstrate he is the most intelligent professional golfer ever to play the game he came out on Instagram with an obscure mathematical formula which was going to help him win.

C squared (regular shots of coffee) x B + S bombs and seeds (whatever they are) X I = V (times intimidation equals victory).

Bryson De Chambeau it wasn’t. He announced he had his “Tiger Slayer” putter in his bag, which hadnt had an outing since he won the AT&T at Pebble Beach in 2012. It’s an Odyssey blade with an XT insert for the experts.

On the third Woods and Manning went 1 up. The time difference then kicked in. To be continued after its done so I can fast forward through the showing off bits. The miking of the players has shown slightly more colourful language than is normally heard on PGA Tour broadcasts “Yeah! Let’s go fricking play” “Let’s cut out that crap”. Well, it’s less bland than the last outing.

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