Viktor Hovland’s huge advantage

Listen to this…the Norweigan TV commentators when Viktor Hovland won his second victory, the Mayakoba Classic last year.

Imagine them in the gallery when he plays himself onto the European Ryder Cup team. They are loud! The monotonous chants of U-S-A U-S-A will be drowned out.

We in England remember the Norweigan TV announcers well, and those in the clip below probably trained Hovland’s TV supporters today. We remember the bonkers TV commentary whrn Norway beat England 2-1 to knock us out of the World Cup. The commentator threw everything at us “Can you hear me Maggie Thatcher, Sir Winston Churchill, Lord Nelson, Henry Cooper, Lady Diana… your guys took a hell of a beating!”

Viktor doesn’t seem to mind them, he loves metal music as loud as you can play it and explains that he likes the bleeeuggh, sound that’s often in the middle of songs. If that’s the sound he makes when he hits a bad shot or misses a putt he’s not going to be fined for swearing. Golfers do need a new sound vocabulary instead of using the same old swear words which get them into trouble when caught on TV. Altogether now bleeeeugggh! And perhaps some might take a leaf out of his book and smile -all the time.

Extraordinary swing with a head bobbing similar to Lee Trevino. He’s coming off a good run of form with 17 rounds in the 60s and a tied 6th in Saudi Arabia, but with a laugh said that he had eight bogeys in a row the first time he played this week’s tournament course Riviera.

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