Another male only golf product

Following on from outing newsagents WH Smith on social media for displaying golf magazines in their “Men’s Interests” section – which I’m pleased to see they no longer do, I have found another “single sex golf product”.

We are still in lockdown in the UK but we are lucky to still have Garden Centres open and trading. A trip to the local Garden Centre becomes a rare outing. People dress up in their best clothes, put make up on and inspect every last item in the shop to make the outing the most enjoyable thing they’ll experience that week.

So inspecting all the weird and wonderful things amongst the plants and flowers, basically quite a lot of tat, my eyes fixed on this product above.

A collapsable putting set to keep in your office drawer, in case you have a spare moment for a putt between meetings.

And how was it branded? “Chap’s Delight. Really Useful Gifts For Gentlemen”.

The assumption being that only men play golf.

A drawing of a man using the putter. References to a high powered CEO in films wearing red braces shouting about mergers.

Who wrote this copy? Someone who has never played golf, only knows cliches about it, makes assumptions and sticks this on the packet “Chap’s Delight” meaning a “gentleman” will be chuffed to get it as a gift.

I bought it, me a female, and not as a present to delight a chap.

Giving the company £24.99 for it. It was rather cheaply constructed. So I took the three parts and stuck them in the pots of the three plants that I had bought so they could grow against the putter.

I wasn’t going to use it. I’m not a chap, therefore according to this company I do not play golf, only men do.

Back to the drawing board this company. You are perpetuating the faulty image of golf.

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