“There’s a cosmic reason for Tiger’s accident” You Tube psychics react

Bear with me, I’ll get to the golf part in a minute. One of the biggest growth areas on You Tube during the last American President’s presidency was in the realm of psychics, astrologers and tarot card readers. So many of them trying to decypher what on earth was going on in America and would it all be allright in the end? I happened on these by chance and some were so very entertaining. I beame an “intrepid viewer” of Tarot Down Under mainly because Australian sociologist Dr Lena Rodruigez didn’t mince her words. One of the politer names she called the ex-President was The Yeti, Boris Johnson being Yeti Two…

One of the most original of these readers is Englishman Cash Peters who lives in the United States. He draws what he sees, and does a fair impression of comedian Charlie Drake “Hello my dar-lings”.

Cash decided to draw the pictures of Tiger Woods, despite having zero interest in sport.

Here’s he first picture. Cash will explain.

” There was a door and Tiger grabbed the handle. “This is where I am going I’m definitely going through this door. Open sesame!”

He pulled and tugged but the door wouldn’t budge, Eventually he had to give up.

Instead he had to follow a path round the door to get to where he wanted to be which was a happy, sunlit plain.

I looked behind the door to see what was there and behind it was a reservoir of dung. If Tiger had opened the door he would have been smothered in dung.

Not being able to open the door was Tiger’s higher self going “I’m not going to let you. I’m going to carry on doing things to stop you opening that door – your back, your legs, your ankle, and the more you try, the more obstacles I’ll put in your way, The struggle is fruitless. Infinite intelligence is working for your greater good.

So between Tiger and the sunny plain is a sheer drop. Which way will he go, that way or this? The only way to get to where he wants is by following one of the paths.

The path to the left is very thin, If he clung to the rock, with tenacity he could just get there.

Or he could listen to what the universe is saying and take the thicker, easier path around and down and it would lead him into sunlight and the plain. A new path without all the stress and strain.

The human can only do so much, the cosmos is in charge of the rest.

Let go of the door Tiger.

For entertainment purposes only.

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