Catfish or not a Catfish?

I was looking through social media to see what was happening in golf when I came across a post which said something like this:

“Having to listen to husband going on about his golf swing when all I want to do is slob out and watch Love Island”.

I thought this was funny and looking at this woman’s twitter account she was quite hilarious about other things so I decided to follow her because I had spotted that she was followed by one of my favourite actors, Adrian Lester, and although there wasn’t any clues as to who she was I ssupected that she must be a public figure, a professional comedian, because the wit was so sharp. I thought this would liven up my news feed.

She saw that golfweloveit had followed her and she took a screen shot of my account and wrote this:

“My husband has joined twitter and is catfishing me”.

Catfishing, as I learned from the sorry tale of Jane in Neighbours, who was conned out of her life savings, is when someone pretends to be someone else for an ulterior motive. So golfing husband was supposedly pretending to be me… Anyway, she had nearly 3,000 followers who all saw my blog and digital skills advertised for free, so thanks for that.

This however, happened just a day after someone thought it was a joke to contact me on messenger pretending to be Martin Kaymer. I soon pulled the plug on that.

Two catfishes in one week. Beware the Internet.

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