What’s so special about Louis Oosthuizen?

If you have 10 minutes, have a look at the slow mo sequences Of Louis Oosthuizen. It answers the question. He’s one of my favourite players to watch and every golfer can not only admire his beautiful tempo but take the images with them. It’s such a fluid, rhythmic movement.

Always a feel player, he says “I have no idea why I swing the way I do. I just try to get the timing right and all the basics”. He’s been a pupil of Pete Cowen for a long time, and he has worked with Louis to toghten up his shoulder muscles to gain more control.

He seems also seems to be working on another couple of areas – keeping his hands in front to prevent the backswing getting to steep. Also, this photograph taken on a practice ground, shows a drill that he is doing to help him get a full hip rotation. The plank of wood behind him tells him when the hip has cleared to the right position.

Louis is also number one ranked in stokes gained putting on the PGA Tour by some points. He’s had two very strong results in both the PGA Championship and the US Open this season. In the US open he was chasing Jon Rahm hard until a horrible drive landed in a hazard on the 17th hole and it seemed to shake him.

The 2010 Open Champion is a player for the big occasions and seems to focus better under pressure. Coming runner up must be getting annoying, I feel it’s his time next week at The Open. Louis is my pick to win.

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