First divot this week

Goes to Bryson de Chambeau. To begin he has revealed his strategy is to bomb the ball down the fairway. He’ll find out about Royal St Georges. The course has softened after the heavy rain we had in the South East last night, and will have played a lot different from how it will in the championship rounds when the expected sun and heat dries the course out and all kinds of bounces will come into play.

Second, although he was surrounded by lots of hoardings with the correct name The Open on them, he still persisted in calling it The British. Mickelson then jumped in on this and apparently its the Earl of Airlee’s fault for calling it the British to Bobby Jones. No. Look at the hoardings in 2021. It’s The Open. Definitively.

Then Bryson said in his press conference that he shouts “fore” “99% of the time. Apparently the 1% of time he didn’t was today, and was called on this by a British journalist who asked why.

But mostly the divot goes to him for allowing the feud with Brooks Koepka to continue and not being adult enough to put a stop to it. It ignited again on social media today and all he could say was he doesn’t have a problem with it. But we do.

Stop it now, its getting old.

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