Some things to know about new Open Champion Collin Morikawa

Apart from the remarkable fact that he has won two major championships on his debut, here are a few randoms. Collin is a Taylor Made player but he has a Titelist wedge which pays homage to his love of breakfast cereal.

His girlfriend Katherine Zhu was a collegiate golfer at Pepperdine University who understands the game.

“We met in college and just clicked. It’s crazy because I won my first college tournament that next week and we’ve done pretty good since – it’s really fun.

Zhu admitted their relationship is “very competitive” when they hit the course together with Morikawa adding: “Always, we never let each other win.

“I think she beats me on probably 70 per cent of our chipping competitions. It actually makes me a better player. What’s great about her is that we’re always competing.

“To have her around [on the PGA Tour] on off weeks when no one’s around, she can always bring a wedge to the course and we can always do something fun.”

His iron play this week has been stellar, but he says he loves the creativity of hitting shots high, throw a narrow window and making up shots around the greens. A natural linksman, even if oops, in his winner’s speech he forgot it’s balled The Open, and called it the British Open. He’ll learn!

He played TV host Jimmy Kimmell at Super Mario Golf recently

Collin goes to Tokyo as a member of the United States Olympic team.

Here he is leaving the UK on his way back to America with some extra luggage.

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