Women and Girls in Golf Week returns August 16-22

For the fourth year Women and Girls in Golf Week will return from August 16-22. This will take place at the same time as the AIG Womens Open at Carnoustie. This successful week online aims to promote female participation in golf at all levels. Look out for the #whyigolf hashtag on social media and englandgolf.org/whyigolf. Women will be encouraged to share their stories via videos and Instagram stories.

This year there will be a different focus each day on: careers in golf indistry, volunteering, health and wellbeing, competing, role models, newbies and join the club. The event has huge support from multiple organisations and manufacturers within golf.

Lauren Soray, Women and girls manager at England Golf says:

“Telling stories of women and girls in golf brings their experiences to life and helps destroy negative stereotypes that belong in another era. The sport is far more modern and progressive in its outlook. It’s been great to have so many positive contributions from men in the game who see that golf is a game for everyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or ability”.

Fine words, but the words “background” or “circumstances” would have made the sentiment even more complete. Because until golf is available, without question or comeback to someone of any background or circumstance, it will always be perceived by people outside the game as elitist and not for them. These worcs are very important.

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