While We’re Young slow play golf commercial starring Clint Eastwood and Arnold Palmer

Apart from be the ball, while we’re young was one of the catchphrases of Caddyshack. This spawned a series of golf commercials in America from the USGA to encourage golfers to get on with it. This one has Clint Eastwood playing Pebble Beach.

In this interesting intiative from 2013 the USGA were showing leadership to identify the root causes of slow play, Things like playing from the wrong tees, but also mistakes in how the course is set up – rough too high, overly tricky pin positions, greens too fast. The golfer themself is not solely to blame.

The initiative will be introduced in five different 30-second PSA spots starring Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, Annika Sorenstam, Paula Creamer and Clint Eastwood. Each spot reinforces the playfulness of “While We’re Young” and pinpoints aspects of the game that contribute to slow play, while also inviting golfers to make a personal pledge to combat slow play at www.usga.org/whilewereyoung.

“The whole concept of the campaign if that we’re in this together,” added Nager, who is in his second year as USGA president. “It’s not just your own behavior you’re accountable for, it’s the behavior of the people you’re playing with. So we’ve tried to give people a fun, non-threatening vehicle to say to fellow players, ‘You need to pick it up,’ and to say to their course managers and club professionals, ‘We want to play this game faster. Set [the course] up so we can do so.’ “

Though cursory on the surface, the campaign is based on extensive research of mathematical and scientific principles that have helped the USGA to better understand the flow of players across a golf course.

It’s time for this to be rolled out again, as 8 years on the problem still persists.

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