Remembering Charlie Sifford on his 100th birthday and Tiger’s Hall of Fame speech

In his acceptance speech on being inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame Tiger Woods mentioned this:

“One of the things that Dad instilled in me was that he grew up in the era of Charlie Sifford, and my son is also named after Charlie.

“That you had to be twice as good to be given half a chance.

“That understanding and that drive, as my daughter Sam said “Train hard and fight easy” made practising so hard and hurt so much because I wanted to make sure I was ready come game time.

“One of the neatest things for me was to play on a golf course with cc (country club) after it because they had fresh greens.

“Now playing at some of these golf courses I was not allowed into the clubhouses where all the other juniors were. The colour of my skin dictated that. As I got older that drove me even more. So as I was denied access into the clubhouses.

I said “That’s fine. I’ll put my shoes on in the parking lot and ask two questions only.

Where’s the first tee and what’s the course record?”

Not complicated.”

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